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Cloud Storage My Way

I have been using cloud storage since 2009 with Microsoft’s SkyDrive. I did spend some time between then and now trying to create a desktop sync without an official app. I was very unsuccessful with getting SkyDrive to have that functionality. I did try to use it for a photo backup location in the past, but using the web interface to upload files is not easy especially when you can’t upload folders. Last week Microsoft brought their cloud solution inline with the rest of their competitors and finally offer a desktop syncing solution. Now I can have a folder that lives on my computer that is an exact mirror of the cloud drive. If I need anything from that drive anywhere then it is just a quick log in to the web service. Read more


WordPress On The Go

Last time I wrote about the WordPress app for Android I was unimpressed with it. Since then there have been a bunch of updates that add functionality to the app. The look of the app has changed drastically. It is now a more uniformed and appealing look. The App has a nice white and black theme that really brings out the simplicity of the app. Read more »


The Clash of the Superphones

In this ever-changing world of smartphones we have a new class of phones called Superphones. These phones are even more powerful than smartphones. Superphones have been slowly taking over the market in the past couple of years. They have redefined what you can do with your phone. These superphones have almost completely taken over the smartphone market, with the exception of RIM still producing smartphones. Two of these superphones (Driod RAZR and Galaxy Nexus) are about to be launched against each other. Read more »


Android’s new coat of paint

Last night Samsung and Google announced The new Galaxy Nexus phone and Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). This is the merging of Gingerbread (2.3) and Honeycomb(3.0) into one OS. Google has fundamentally streamlined the interface and apps. They brought what they learned from Honeycomb into the phone field. There are even new features like facial recognition to unlock your phone. Read more »


Verizon’s DataGate

In less than two weeks Verizon will be implementing tiered data for new smartphone activations. The policy is very draconian in nature and unfair to users. It represents a major step backward in the way companies are trying to handle new technology. While yes current users are grandfathered into the plan it will be a matter of time before that will be taken away. The problem with tiered data is not that they are charging you for X GB for $N. It is a unfar pricing structure.

The structure is currently looks like this:

Image from Android Central

The unlimited plan will turn into a 2GB cap for $30. If you go over you will have to pay $10 per GB after that. Your first two GB’s are charged at an upfront cost of $15 per GB and you have to pay for both of them even if you only use half of the alloted price per month. If Verizon wants to charged on a tiered model going toward a pay what you use model is a good idea. If you only use 1 GB you can pay for that, if you use more than that you pay for that total use.

This is a good scare tactic to get people out there to sign up for Verizon or upgrade their phones now. The problem is this doesn’t fix the “problem” of data hogs. If you already are on Verizon’s network and being a data hog you are not punished If you are or were data hog on another network you will run to Verizon to get grandfathered in on the unlimited data.

If you are in contract with another cell provider I don’t know why you would buy out you contract for the prospect of “unlimited” mobile data. I use about 1GB of data a month. I don’t know how I would even cross 2 or 3 GB in a month. Tiered data packages will start to kill the streaming media that is making its way to the cell phones. How much Hulu, Netflix, or streaming music can you use on a two GB plan with out going over?


The left behind app

Over the course of the past year or so I have noticed that owning an Android powered phone is both good and bad. I have the ability to create any look I want for my phone from giving the home screens a minimalistic look to loading a bunch of widgets on each screen for maximum blingage. The down side is that the phones can be all over the place with their OS versions and apps you can download. While some apps can be available for all Smartphone OS’s the app versions are not kept the same.

Looking at the official WordPress app for Android and iOS shows the disparity between the two apps which should be the same. The iOS version just got updated to look and function better than before.You check out the newest features in the iOS app on their blog. Compare that to the Android side and I get the feeling of being a second class citizen waiting to catch up to the gold standard. Hopefully the Android side of things will catch up to the iOS side and both apps’ features will be developed in tandem.


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