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The end of the Nexus One

I wrote previous article about the Nexus One that I called it a failure and that it made no sense to purchase when it hit other carriers. Well now it looks like it won’t hit other carriers as Verizon won’t get the Nexus One. Now Sprint is passing up the Nexus One. The Nexus One is a failed project. Google did make some money off of it as in an earnings phone call they mentioned that the Nexus One is in the black. In the current market landscape of the mobile phone market in the U.S. they tried to buck the trend and it didn’t work, maybe the should have asked Sony Ericson how that works out. While the Nexus One was a failure I do applaud Google for trying the selling directly to the customer route. Maybe next time they will launch with a stronger carrier instead of T-Mobile.


The failure of the Nexus One

Google launched the Nexus One back in early January. Running the latest version of the Android OS. It was a very advanced phone. Outing the Droid as the best phone around. Now about 74 days after being launched the Nexus One is a failure. Conservative estimates point to only 135,000 phones being shipped. In similar time frames after introduction both the iPhone and Droid sold a million plus units each. The major question that should be asked is why such low sales for the Nexus One?

The answer seems simple, but it is a bit complex. The first major issue is that it was launched on T-Mobile, the fourth largest mobile carrier in the US. This cuts the possible install base that they could reach down to only 34 million. Typical smartphone users are increasing, but they are still only a percentage of the overall user base. The second issue was that is was launched for sale on Google’s website. The online only offer even furthers to reduce the number of people who will get the phone. Most cell phone subscribers purchase their phones through a brick and motor store or through the carriers website. Since it’s launch the Nexus One has finally hit AT&T’s wireless network bands. To be fair you can’t by the phone with an AT&T contract, yet.  Now Sprint has joined the Nexus One bandwagon, and that makes four. Verizon’s Nexus One was announced back on launch with a spring 2010 release date.

With the Nexus One slated to appear on all the major carriers will it see increased sales? Possibly, but not in any significant numbers. The problem is by the time it will hit these networks new and better Android devices will be already on them or just about to launch.

Verizon is rumored to be a few weeks away from launching a new HTC Android handset called the Incredible. The Incredible is supposed to be running a 1GHz Snapdragon processor underclocked to 768 MHz, with 512 DRAM and around 6GB of Flash RAM with an MicroSD expansion slot. The camera has been upgraded to 8MP from the Nexus One’s 5MP camera. The underclocked processor may turn off users, but it should be able to be restored back to it’s 1GHz speed with some 3rd party code. The incredible will also be sold in Verizon’s store along side the Droid and other Android phones. In my opinion this is a better buy then the Nexus One, unless the N-1 is priced very attractively (which I don’t think will happen).

Sprint is getting the HTC Supersonic later this summer. The Supersonic is going to be the first 4G Android handset running on Sprint’s WiMax network. It is supposed to be running a 1GHz Snapdragon processor with 1GB of ROM, it’s been called an HD2 running Android 2.1. More information is supposed to be released at CTIA when Sprint is rumored to announce the phone officially.

Now AT&T has just got it’s first android handset the Motorola Backflip. It has been gutted horribly, Google search ahs been replaced with Yahoo and you can only install apps from the Android Marketplace. This to me screams like AT&T wanted to get on the Android bandwagon and phone this in. I think it’s just iPhone love AT&T has, it will be interesting to see if a true Android device actually hits the store. T-Mobile has had the Nexus One from launch and it has not gather much sales. Will we see it in the stores? Who knows, but I have a feeling another powerful phone is being prepped for T-Mobile for a later launch. I consider AT&T and T-Mobile non factors for true Nexus One carrier support and I don’t think it will find a home on any of the other two carriers.

The Nexus One has failed, long live the Incredible/Supersonic.


The Smartphone Wars

When you think of smartphone wars you think of the battle between the likes of RIM, Microsoft, Google, and Apple in the ad space. Apple has decided to take the fight one step further. They have filed suit against HTC for Android and WinMobile devices. The Windows mobile devices seem to be unimportant part of the suit for Apple. The majority of the suit is patent claims are against HTC for Android devices. Engadget has a very good breakdown of the patent claims on HTC Android devices and Ars Technica has a good write up on this fight.

The is going to be a very interesting fight. Apple is right to sue because they have to protect their patents, but this feels like a vindictive move. I’ve read the Engadget breakdown of the patents and this seems to be an attack on the Android OS rather then HTC and it’s hardware. it makes one wonder why hasn’t Apple named Google instead of HTC in this suit. It seems Apple is trying to send a message that the smartphone market is theirs and stay out. While this is one sided right now we don’t know what patents HTC has that will back up their position.

When this get this sorted out I wonder how the touch screen phone market is going to be like if Apple is victorious. Most phones out there with a touch screen violate these patents also. On the other side I wonder if there will be fallout for full OSes like Windows as part of the patents are for desktop OSes regarding background applications. In the end I don’t think anything will happen in the OS space, but it is interesting thing to consider.

The most common thing people on both “sides” are complaining about is software patent reform. Which I do agree needs to be fixed, but I’m not a patent expert. Most of these patents Apple is suing for are very common in the phone market now. I wonder how long before other phone manufactures are sued by Apple.

In the short term Google’s Nexus One will still go on sale this year and more Andriod devices will hit carriers. It will take years for this to resolved through the courts. Most of theses patent cases get resolved through settlements. Time will tell if there will be a settlement on HTC’s side.


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