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WordPress On The Go

Last time I wrote about the WordPress app for Android I was unimpressed with it. Since then there have been a bunch of updates that add functionality to the app. The look of the app has changed drastically. It is now a more uniformed and appealing look. The App has a nice white and black theme that really brings out the simplicity of the app. Read more »


The left behind app

Over the course of the past year or so I have noticed that owning an Android powered phone is both good and bad. I have the ability to create any look I want for my phone from giving the home screens a minimalistic look to loading a bunch of widgets on each screen for maximum blingage. The down side is that the phones can be all over the place with their OS versions and apps you can download. While some apps can be available for all Smartphone OS’s the app versions are not kept the same.

Looking at the official WordPress app for Android and iOS shows the disparity between the two apps which should be the same. The iOS version just got updated to look and function better than before.You check out the newest features in the iOS app on their blog. Compare that to the Android side and I get the feeling of being a second class citizen waiting to catch up to the gold standard. Hopefully the Android side of things will catch up to the iOS side and both apps’ features will be developed in tandem.


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