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The Digital Lifestyle

Right now we are at a crossroads with our media. Over the past 50 years the way we consume and create content has changed. If we look back at how we watched movies this is a prime example. In the 1960’s we went movie theaters to watch shows. In 1982 we could watch movies at home with VHS tapes. In the 1990s we could watch movies that were no bigger than the size of a CD. Now we can just turn on our TVs and the movies are delivered right to the set either through our cable provider or an internet streaming company. With the rise of Netflix we ask ourselves how much physical media or discs do we need? If we can get the movie we want to see delivered to our door do we need to take up space with the plastic disc we will use on occasion? For most people the answer is no.

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The Digital Lockdown

Today we are a highly digital society. We are beginning to move away from the physical and more to the digital. I know my media buying habits have changed. I buy my music and books digitally. I buy the books I want for my miniature gaming in pdf format. Movies I still buy in physical formats because Hollywood hasn’t caught up with technology. They are packaging in a digital copy of the movie you just bought in new releases, but you are restricted to viewing it on a PC or approved mobile device that works with their DRM scheme. Thus your options are a Windows Media file or an iTunes file. This seems so backwards to me. Read more »

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The Mac Attack

Being a windows guy I have had to deal with malware for years. It’s a skill I’ve learned to hone over the years and I know how to deal with an infected system. Running windows is something that is mocked by Linux/Mac don’t have viruses/malware. It is kinda funny to start reading that Mac users have been dealing with this problem for the past month and it has been mostly quite in the media until now. Read more »


The left behind app

Over the course of the past year or so I have noticed that owning an Android powered phone is both good and bad. I have the ability to create any look I want for my phone from giving the home screens a minimalistic look to loading a bunch of widgets on each screen for maximum blingage. The down side is that the phones can be all over the place with their OS versions and apps you can download. While some apps can be available for all Smartphone OS’s the app versions are not kept the same.

Looking at the official WordPress app for Android and iOS shows the disparity between the two apps which should be the same. The iOS version just got updated to look and function better than before.You check out the newest features in the iOS app on their blog. Compare that to the Android side and I get the feeling of being a second class citizen waiting to catch up to the gold standard. Hopefully the Android side of things will catch up to the iOS side and both apps’ features will be developed in tandem.


Of Tablets and PDFs

I have recently begun my quest for tablet that will quench my desire for digital books. Now the books I want to display on a tablet are far different than the books I read on my Kindle. These books are full color PDFs for a tabletop wargame called BattleTech. I already own a large portion of the dead tree books in my library. I am looking to par that down but to also be able to do searches through the books when I need to look something up during our regular play sessions.

I have tested out the the Motorola Xoom a couple of times and they have no dedicated pdf viewer in the system. The pdf viewers you can get for android are not the best. They don’t render the pdfs properly. You also can’t get the Adobe PDF reader for tablets. You can side load the adobe reader apk file to the tablet. Adobe reader is really the best PDF reader for android tablets the bad part is you have to find the apk to download and install. It does have issues with searching but that may be processor related on my phone as I haven’t loaded the Adobe Reader apk to the Xoom Tablet yet.

I was able to barrow one of my co-workers new iPads.  I was very impressed with the way it was able to handle the game PDFs. It was able to search and very the PDFs as thought they were dead tree books. The iPad was very good for what I want in a tablet pc to help my game group. Now only if the Android tablets can catch up.


Honeycomb getting locked away

For the time being Google is locking away the Honeycomb source code and keeping it away from the public. The only way to get access to the code is to a tablet OEM or a developer. You can’t be just any developer you have to be a specific developer that Google trust with this code. Their main reason for this is that don’t want Honeycomb to be put on phones since it wasn’t designed for that. They want it restricted to tablets only.

Now that seems like a good idea in an idealized world. Unfortunately for Google we don’t live in that world. There are hackers out there that enjoy stripping the code out of tablets and will try to get it to run on smart phones. That is there hobby and it will be done at some point. It probably won’t run correctly or very well at first but over time it will be running on a phone. I know this because they are communities that work to do this. In fact when I had a Windows Mobile phone I was using roms that were not made for it’s hardware but worked. I currently see this going on in the Android space.

Locking away “Open Source” code is bad. This is not a way to help your tablets become a mature product in the market. In the end this will hold up adaptation because instead of being the “Open Source” Android will now be no different than iOS regarding there OS code.


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